What a Year

It’s been a year since I last posted and what a year it has been. Of course we’ve all dealt with the Covid excitement. Knock on wood that no one in my immediate family caught it; do I want to say that without getting jinxed? Several friends have had it over the past year but all are recovered, though some are still struggling with long hauler syndrome. I’ve tried to be careful and do my part to mask up, purchase groceries online, and stay home as much as possible.

I finally got my first vaccination a week ago and will get my second on May 14th. I’m very excited that soon I will be able to see people again. My niece and her partner had a baby boy in January who I still haven’t met yet; though we do zoom every week and get frequent photos and videos.

When I last posted I was having odd medical issues. Turns out the blood clots were caused by ovarian cancer. I was scheduled to have surgery in July and at the last minute – literally as I was getting ready to drive to the hospital for check-in – the doctor called it off because I had a reaction to the blood thinner. So they put me on a different blood thinner and I spent the summer waiting until that problem cleared. At which point I started on chemo. Yes, all my hair fell out including eye brows and lashes. I got a port installed in my chest, which I still have even though I’m cured now. And I got very familiar with the chemo floor. Half-way through I was well enough for surgery and I got many of my internal organs removed. That was followed by three more rounds of chemo and I was officially done by end of January.

Enough whining. Now, I’m well and walking every day to get back into shape. I plan to do some hiking this summer. And I’m unemployed but taking entrepreneurship classes to start my own business. Also I’m finally writing again and working on getting my book finished. I’ll be writing here in my blog at least once a week and perhaps I’ll even publish in Medium.