Make Your Heart a Home

To be a writer I need to write. Write every day they say. No matter if you want to or not. And that is hard because I picked a theme for my blog that too limiting for my personality. So now I’m just writing. And it dawned on me that to find my voice I have to stop limiting myself. And that I can change my theme and open it up so that it can support me finding my writing voice. Sometimes it will be poetry. Sometimes prose. Sometimes dark. Sometimes light. But it has to have something every day. Even if no one ever reads it, I have to write. So friends, buckle in, we will embark on a journey this fall through the roller coaster of my brain.

I find it interesting that some writers need the rails and the limitations to challenge them to write within a construct. It makes them better. But for me that would have the opposite effect. Although I need to have general values to underpin my creating, the same values that make me who I am, I need to flitter between topics. Because that too is who I am. I wonder if that is a sign of my immaturity as a writer. Will I challenge myself with rails as I improve?

And now that I got that off my chest, I can write about what was floating inside today wanting to get out.

Your Heart 

Your heart is an infinite space that expands the more you use it. It gets bigger and better every time it opens and lets someone in. There is always room for more love and to love more.

So don’t give your heart to anyone. You need every bit of it to house all your love. The next time you fall in love, bring the object of your adoration into your heart. And thank them for letting you fall into their heart. Grow love and let it expand.

But what if they leave, you ask? Will my heart not be broken? No it won’t be broken – you will still have all of it plus more because you didn’t give any of it away. Yes, your heart will grieve but it will be strong and it will have absorbed your loved one’s essence. And it might be easier to understand their need to move on. And you will be left with a bigger heart with more room for other loves to enter.

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