Here is a brief intermission because the post that I am working on next is taking longer to write than I had expected (kittens!) so today I will share a poem that I wrote last week. Who knows, perhaps I’ll have to do a second intermission tomorrow too. I was trying to do Iambic Tetrameter (because a fifth foot didn’t work for my style) but I’m not sure if I have the emphasis pattern correct. Actually the form was an add-on….I just wrote a poem and then thought, hmmm I wonder what formal design patterns for poetry are out there. And Iambic fit what I had the best and then I realized that with just a few words added and some lines combined, it could become a stronger more powerful poem. So here you have it.

Love Seek
So when you seek the love you need
It’s always out of reach for you
Dear one you must at first be kind
And love the one that is but you

Oh and here is a photo of some yummy blackberries. Penn Jillette described this recipe at his talk at Town Hall a few weeks ago – take a bunch of blackberries and/or blueberries and dump a bunch of cayenne and cocoa powder on them. Sounds odd but I was intrigued and skeptical at the same time – I love chocolate and am always looking for something healthy to snack on but come on. Cayenne? I finally tried it and am now addicted. I would even put more cayenne on it than I did. Darn it, go figure that the berry season is over.


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