Dispatches from the Pandemic – Day 8

Should we go visit my Mom? It seems that we need to weight the pros and cons of all the ordinary things. Deliberate. Think. In the end we decided that we can exercise proper safety techniques and that the emotional benefits are more important. Plus we had some groceries to deliver.

Artists are now beautifying the boarded up bars and restaurants

Yesterday I made an excursion to the grocery store to pick up her up a few things. While I was there I also got groceries for my friends. That’s what we do in our neighborhood. And it’s even more important now. Because every time we venture out for anything it feels like a scene from Mad Max…do we have our protective gear? Easy access to our credit card at a moment’s notice? Remember, don’t touch your face. Don’t talk to anyone. Stay 6 feet away. Noooo don’t lean on the counter. OMG you used his pen. Come home. Wash hands. Empty bags. Wash hands again. Disinfect everything. Clean clean clean.

Then today Richard and I made the journey out to the eastern foothills. There was no traffic. Everything was still and serene. Mom was happy to see us and we had some tea and a cinnamon roll. Mom stress bakes and is a wonderful baker. But I couldn’t get any more flour for her at the grocery store. Luckily my wonderful friend C had scored a bag and sent it for Mom.

It’s so important to stay close with your friends and family in these tumultuous times. Stay safe everyone.

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