Dispatches From the Pandemic – Day 2

So yesterday was a Saturday in full-on pandemic mode. Do we go to Costco? Maybe Total Wine? In the end, my son and I decided those were too risky. So instead we walked down 1st Ave to Pike Place Market. He was very concerned and frustrated when I absentmindedly touched my face. Next time (if) I go out I will wear gloves as a reminder. While walking were able to avoid people fairly well. But I was shocked to see boarded up windows on some of the local businesses. I’ve never seen that before in Seattle.

We stopped at Le Panier for a loaf of bread and a Cappucino (he had to get out and stand on the street because it felt like too many people even though there were at most 10 in a space that usually is crammed with 50 tourists at a time). Then we discovered Rotary Market back behind where they used to throw the fish. I never knew it existed. I got to meet Henry the proprietor. He was upset because someone had just been yelling for him to “go back to your country” and other anti-Asian sentiments related to Covid-19. We commiserated for a while and I was able to buy bleach and some disinfecting wipes, some lentils, and Tylenol. After that we went to Sosio’s for some produce and the guy there said, yes, Henry is a market institution and is able to keep a supply of all kinds of things. He even had TP though we’re still good so I left it for someone with a greater need.

Ultimately this outing made me decide that I touch too many things, talk to too many people, and touch my face too much to be trusted with running errands. So instead I got online and ordered a bunch of things that I’m going to use to make emergency preparedness kits – no time like the present to get prepared. I keep thinking, what if have an earthquake in the middle of this. I want to be ready with lanterns and a radio and such. Are you ready to be self sufficient?

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