Why Trump has to be Stopped

Today is the 47th anniversary of the day my family escaped from a totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia. I was very young but I still remember saying goodbye to my grandparents and running for the train as the evening rain mixed with snow. I fell and got my new tights dirty. But we made it. At the border, passport control stopped us and said that my sister and I couldn’t go because we didn’t have exit visas. Hostages. That’s how they made sure people came back from their vacations. But the planets aligned. Perhaps it was my sister’s CLBG (cute little blonde girl) look. Or because I sat so still that I didn’t even breathe. Or perhaps we just got lucky and he was a nice man but he said “never mind” and moved on. We were free.

All my life I heard about life in a dictatorship. About the soul and life – draining burden of living in a society that pitted neighbor against neighbor, children against parents, spouses against each other. Where hate and envy were cultivated. Where authority figures were feared. Where speaking up was a risk that could get you prison or worse. Where svityou had to conform or else. Where the 1%, the “haves”, the high ranking party members, had everything and the rest of the people had nothing. Anti-intellectualism. Where human beings were just tools.

My grandfather subscribed to an American surgical magazine and english language National Geographic. For that he was accused of being a spy. Luckily he had some 1% patients and his surgical skills were irreplaceable so he was let go. But my mother was singled out at school regularly by the teachers as an example of “enemy of the state”. My father wasn’t permitted to go to university because his parents were also undesirables. He was finally allowed to study after his uncle from Austria intervened, but not what or where he wanted to. My parents had arrest warrants out on them well into the 1980’s for the crime of deserting the state. Luckily that is behind us now and the Czech Republic and Slovakia are free and progressive nations.

So what the heck does all that have to do with Trump? Everything. Because he’s how it starts. Creating undesirables. There it was educated people, people in business, religious people, and anyone else they didn’t like.

Here Trump started with Muslims. Then anyone who might remotely be associated with Mexico. Then gay. Black. Women. Before you know it, no one is trusting anyone. And the lies. The totalitarian way to power is lie. Then pretend it’s the truth and then make everyone else think they are losing their mind. The lies spread and then the minions accept them as truth.

Already the hate is spreading. Teachers all over the country report children bullying other children and repeating the Trump rhetoric as they do it. Social media is full of the most vile comments one could imagine. The hateful and angry are feeling empowered and they are coming out of the woodwork to attack anyone they perceive to be undesirable.

Trump is destroying the open, trusting, caring, neighbor helping neighbor, optimistic spirit that is America with his “Make America Great” again lie.

Don’t believe him. America IS Great. We need to keep it great by not allowing the angry, lying bullies destroy it. It’s the 1592765_2ee26b1446_o
constitution that makes it great. It’s the giant melting pot of cultures and differences that makes it great. It’s the freedom of speech and the bill of rights and checks and balances and all those important principles that our founding fathers put into place that make it great.

Allowing Trump to win puts us on the path to totalitarianism. It lets hate win and validates the petty and scheming evil that lurks below the surface and that has no place in the great American spirit. We are a nation of optimistic dreamers. Of immigrants. Of people willing to go off to the unknown for a better life. Of people who say let’s do it. Of people who go to the moon. Of people who invent things. This negative hatred is not us. It’s un-American. We need to stop it. Stop the destruction of America. Stop Trump.


Here is a brief intermission because the post that I am working on next is taking longer to write than I had expected (kittens!) so today I will share a poem that I wrote last week. Who knows, perhaps I’ll have to do a second intermission tomorrow too. I was trying to do Iambic Tetrameter (because a fifth foot didn’t work for my style) but I’m not sure if I have the emphasis pattern correct. Actually the form was an add-on….I just wrote a poem and then thought, hmmm I wonder what formal design patterns for poetry are out there. And Iambic fit what I had the best and then I realized that with just a few words added and some lines combined, it could become a stronger more powerful poem. So here you have it.

Love Seek
So when you seek the love you need
It’s always out of reach for you
Dear one you must at first be kind
And love the one that is but you

Oh and here is a photo of some yummy blackberries. Penn Jillette described this recipe at his talk at Town Hall a few weeks ago – take a bunch of blackberries and/or blueberries and dump a bunch of cayenne and cocoa powder on them. Sounds odd but I was intrigued and skeptical at the same time – I love chocolate and am always looking for something healthy to snack on but come on. Cayenne? I finally tried it and am now addicted. I would even put more cayenne on it than I did. Darn it, go figure that the berry season is over.


Make Your Heart a Home

To be a writer I need to write. Write every day they say. No matter if you want to or not. And that is hard because I picked a theme for my blog that too limiting for my personality. So now I’m just writing. And it dawned on me that to find my voice I have to stop limiting myself. And that I can change my theme and open it up so that it can support me finding my writing voice. Sometimes it will be poetry. Sometimes prose. Sometimes dark. Sometimes light. But it has to have something every day. Even if no one ever reads it, I have to write. So friends, buckle in, we will embark on a journey this fall through the roller coaster of my brain.

I find it interesting that some writers need the rails and the limitations to challenge them to write within a construct. It makes them better. But for me that would have the opposite effect. Although I need to have general values to underpin my creating, the same values that make me who I am, I need to flitter between topics. Because that too is who I am. I wonder if that is a sign of my immaturity as a writer. Will I challenge myself with rails as I improve?

And now that I got that off my chest, I can write about what was floating inside today wanting to get out.

Your Heart 

Your heart is an infinite space that expands the more you use it. It gets bigger and better every time it opens and lets someone in. There is always room for more love and to love more.

So don’t give your heart to anyone. You need every bit of it to house all your love. The next time you fall in love, bring the object of your adoration into your heart. And thank them for letting you fall into their heart. Grow love and let it expand.

But what if they leave, you ask? Will my heart not be broken? No it won’t be broken – you will still have all of it plus more because you didn’t give any of it away. Yes, your heart will grieve but it will be strong and it will have absorbed your loved one’s essence. And it might be easier to understand their need to move on. And you will be left with a bigger heart with more room for other loves to enter.